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Here at Voong's Chinese Restaurant, excellent wines, spirits and beers are extremely important to us. They are essential to our customers enjoying their meals as a fine wine should complement that evenings choice of food.

Thanks to a collaboration with Colombier Vins Fins, our cellar is well stocked with a selection of hand-picked wines, this enables Voong's to cater to all tastes while at the same time make sure the wine does indeed compliment the freshly prepared food.

On offer at the Voong's Bar is a selection of both Draft and Bottle Beers, Aperitifs, Ports & Sherries, Spirits, Liqueurs plus a range of soft drinks.

WINE LIST Voong's Quality Selection (White)
Voong's Quality Selection (Red) Voong's Two Favourite White Wines
French White French Red & Rosé
Italian Red Finest Australian Red
Chilean Red Spanish Red
New Zealand White Sparkling
Champagne Bollinger Grande Cuvée
Alfie's Private Cellar  
Aperitifs Ports & Sherries
Spirits Liqueurs
Liqueur Coffees Beers
Mineral & Fruit Juices